Shanghai Magnolia Theatre Acrobatics

This acrobatics show is performed by Shanghai Magic Troupe and New Shanghai Circus Troupe. This is the first team who performed acrobatics in Broadway Stage of USA from China. In shanghai, their performance venue is at Bai Yu Lan Theatre, and it is the only acrobatics show which performs every day. Usually they perform only one time every day from 19:30.

Shanghai Magnolia Theatre Programs

Play Dooly
Foot Juggling/Play Diabolo
Glasses Balancing
The Silk Rope Hanging
PLay The Ball
Plate Spinning
Small Teeterboard
Nose Balancing
Chairs Balancing
Straw Hat
Pagoda of Bowls
Skill in Handing
Hoop Diving on The Table
Large Springboard
One-handed Handstand
Modeling Soft Body
Shake the Thick Stick