Shanghai Cloud Peak Theatre Acrobatics

At the background of 2008 Beijing Olympic and 2010 Shanghai Expo, the Cloud Peaking Acrobatic Troupe try to give the friends from afar a impression of charming Shanghai. In the performance, there are several sectors of innovation for China Acrobatics, for example, the opening show of "Pole Hanging", and the woman acrobatic of "Silk Strap Skill".

Shanghai Cloud Peak Theatre Programs

Foot Juggling/Play Diabolo
Glasses Balancing
The Silk Rope Hanging
PLay The Ball
Plate Spinning
Small Teeterboard
Nose Balancing
Chairs Balancing
Straw Hat
Pagoda of Bowls
Skill in Handing
Hoop Diving on The Table
Large Springboard
One-handed Handstand
Modeling Soft Body
Shake the Thick Stick